Champstacks Story

The inspiration for Champstacks came in 2011 when Andy Trebbi scoured the market for a unique collectible to commemorate Auburn’s BCS National Championship. Andy struggled to find a unique collectible for a friend and Auburn alum.
Inspired by a Dodgers stacking doll received many years before, he gets the idea that will become Champstacks. Wanting to offer a rare piece of NCAA sports memorabilia, Andy finds a Russian nesting doll maker who’s the genuine article. In October of 2011 the first prototype is complete and ready to make its debut.
Champstacks applies for and is approved as an official NCAA licensed collectible. In January of 2013 Crimson Tide rolls over the Irish and are once again BCS National Champs. The first Champstacks edition is released for sale and the world will never be the same.