• The Collectible of Champions

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"They are awesome and the detail is amazing. I have it displayed in my office."

“So clever and well done!”


The Collectible of Champions

Handcrafted in Russia by skilled artisans, Champstacks are wood-carved stacking dolls that showcase each victory on a Champion’s road to the title.

The Champstacks buzz on the street…

“Blown away by its wow factor! Simply fabulous!"

—Glenda L | Hoover, AL

The Champstacks buzz on the street…

“I love my Champstacks”

—Wendy J I Attalla, AL

The Champstacks buzz on the street…

“These look great!”

—Rob N | Tyler, TX

The Champstacks buzz on the street…

“Truly unique and very nice quality!"

– John L | Jefferson, NC

Past Champstacks Sets

“He loved it!!  Everyone had a fit over them!”

“A fun addition to our exhibit!”

“The FSU set is Fantastic!”

“We opened it and were hysterical!”

“National Championship stacker doll set just arrived. Very cool!”


Are Champstacks Limited Edition collectibles?
Yes indeed! We designate limited production to ensure our artists can deliver the authentic craftsmanship our customers desire. In addition to quality, we also limit production to reward customers with a genuine collector’s item that will be numbered for authenticity. So consider Champstacks both a showpiece and a mini investment that will be appreciate over time.

How big are these things?
The biggest doll is big, and the smallest doll is tiny. Check out the product pictures and details for the exact dimensions.

What is your return/refund policy?
Your Champstacks genuine collectible is guaranteed against defects in workmanship. If there is a physical problem with your Champstacks set, contact us within 15 calendar days of receipt of your order and we will replace it, or issue you a full refund. If for any other reason you are not completely satisfied, please just give us a ring and we’ll resolve any issues… we guarantee customer satisfaction.

How long before I get my order?
Immediately following your Championship victory, our artisans will begin custom carving and designing your set. During this four-week production period, you can take advantage of our pre-order discount. After this first month we’ll have inventory stateside, so Champstacks will then deliver in three days for the remainder of the year.

How long are the current Champstacks editions available?
The BCS Football National Champions and NCAA Basketball National Champions will be available until the one year anniversary of the championship game.

Are other types of Champstacks available or in the works?
We are working on the possibilities as we speak. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog for exciting developments!

Is this really an NCAA officially licensed product?
Yep, Champstacks is licensed by the NCAA and its affiliate institutions, thus each set will include the collegiate licensing hologram sticker for your validation. We are the only place you can buy a genuine Champstacks set.