Champion’s Sports Minute

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Hey Champstacks Champs – Check out our new site!  

After months of collaborating with the creative type folks, we’ve finally launched our new website with some great new features:

  • All new Gallery – includes manufacturing pics from start to finish
  • Our Story – checkout the timeline to see how we evolved from idea to reality
  • The Buzz – Customer Reviews along with Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest updates
  • FAQs – info on our Limited Edition sets, New Product releases, and other stuff
  • Champstacks official blog – the Champion’s Sports Minute

As you can tell, we’re a little excited about this new development as we ultimately hope the new site will give our customers all the info they desire.  See Champstacks in different settings such as your man cave, kitchen, or dorm room to give ideas on how you can display your set with pride!  So surf the site and give us your feedback.  We love hearing from ya!

Good luck to your teams in 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament…as Champstacks will be there to honor your sweet, sweet victory!

Signing off…

Champstacks – The Collectible of Champions


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